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Transcendent Entertainment Agency provides our clients with high quality, professional music and media with all of the bells and whistles of the traditional record label and media company without the exploitive and manipulative practices that has shaped the history of of the entertainment industry.

Spotlight on a Rapper
Artistic Development
Image by Kushagra Kevat
Digital social media
Social Media Management

Our handpicked artists are managed by a progressive team with extensive experience in the entertainment business. We aid in everything from teaching stage presence, improving your craft, and teaching the fundamentals that will advance your career to heights beyond your wildest imagination.


Our Publicity Department handles everything from blog placements, interviews and tour dates to press releases and TV appearances freeing our artists from the hustle and bustle of handling strenuous business tasks while developing and sharing their talents with the world. 


Transcendent Entertainment Agency takes pride in providing our artists with top tier social media presence and organic fan base growth. Advertisement, marketing, and promotion via social media platforms across the world is a priority for our artists.


Stage in the Spot Lights
Show and Tour Booking
Record Mixing
Production and A&R Services

By way of solid resources and business relationships with promoters & venues across the globe, Transcendent Entertainment Agency books genre specific shows for our clients to ensure the best possible outreach for our clients.

With a multitude of in-house and outsourced producers and A&R professionals, paired with an expansive network of collaborators and songwriters, our artist's finished products are industry quality and catered to their unique style and audience.

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